Health and Fitness Infrared Cabin

The Alpenhof Kristall Spa

For recharging your batteries and giving your body a lift, nothing is easier and more efficient than the natural therapies from Physiotherm. Many users say "it works wonders". Here we explain the 5 different programmes:

1. Infrared deep heat therapy:

Gently warms the body to stimulate blood flow and the metabolism; improves circulation, detoxifies and promotes cell regeneration. Effortlessly work up a sweat - and with a temperature of only 30-40° C.

2. Coloured-light therapy:

Colours have a significant effect on our moods and are therefore very important for increased wellbeing. Yellow/orange: cheerful colours that increase vitality and creativity Green: a soothing colour that creates harmony and has a relaxing effect. Blue: the colour of peace and quiet - for insomnia and anxiety, Red: stimulates activity and the energy balance, Purple: the colour for greater inspiration.

3. Aromatherapy:

The aromas here have a particularly concentrated effect. You don't need to fill a 50 sqm room with aroma, but have a concentration of it in 2 sqm. Aromas work through the entire skin area and through the lungs.

4. Sound therapy:

Music offers a wonderful opportunity to positively affect the mind via the ears. Suitably selected music makes us cheerful and relaxed, harmonises, stimulates, gives us vitality and a zest for life.

5. Sunlight therapy:

Physiotherm's full-spectrum sunlight recreates natural sunlight. Sunlight encourages good health, performance, learning ability and leads to improved vision. It reduces anxiety, strengthens nerves and boosts the immune system. It also reduces and relieves winter depression.

Natural light is made up of visible and invisible colours (spectrums): blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple and indigo. The absorption of light via the eyes has many functions, including stimulating the pineal gland, pituitary gland; reaching the visual cortex and the autonomic nervous system. This is where control of the hormone glands and cellular metabolism takes place.

Sunlight encourages production of vitamin D, which is important for healthy bones and, for example, preventing hunchback.


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