Water Massage Bed (HydroJet)

The Alpenhof Kristall Spa

With the growing drive for success and longer working hours, particularly whilst sitting, there is an increasing need to compensate physically and psychologically. But many people feel they simply don't have enough time for extensive periods of relaxation. Dry water massage meets these requirements perfectly. The unique combination of warmth and water pressure provides total relaxation.

There are number of therapeutic massage programmes that can be enjoyed. Even a 20-minute session whilst clothed can relieve muscle tension and have a noticeable effect on the metabolism.


WELLSYSTEM RELAX is easily operated by the user with the help of self-explanatory pictogrammes on the joystick. The following functions can be adjusted at any time:

  • Pressure from 0.5 to 3.75 bar
  • Full body massage and lower body massage
  • Upper body massage (shoulder area and lumbar region specifiable)
  • Sectional massage concentrates on an area of 15 cm
  • Selective massage

The HydroJet offers massage at the touch of a button - an ideal spa treatment that will impress you with its beneficial effects. With the HydroJet, the warmth of the water reaches deep layers of tissue and stimulates the user's blood flow. The gentle power of the water raises the metabolism, relaxes muscles, and relieves tension and sclerosis.

One big advantage of this unique combination of water massage and heat therapy is that there is no strain on the cardiovascular system or post-therapy sweating.
Regular use has a lasting effect on general wellbeing
A 20-minute massage costs €10.00